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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
You never apply Captan with emulsifiable concentrate insecticides. That just begs for leaf burn. 1 oz per gallon of Malathion is way too much. Try more like 1/3 oz. 6 tablespoons of Captan is 3 lb per hundred gallons. That is fine if your are spraying with an air blast or mist blower type sprayer where the concentration of chemical can be 4 x what it is through a spray to wet application. Assume that a hand sprayer is applying the equivalent of 400 gallons per acre.

What is used on fruit trees is very much like the cocktails that used to be needed for spraying roses. Apply that much Captan or Malathion at one time and the effect would be worse than any disease or pest.
Thanks Greendoc,
Question though, the Malathion, that's label rate 1 oz/ gal???

But I did have my suspicions which is why it and the captan was sprayed separately just to see end of July. No damage, see notes.

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