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I like your approach and thinking.

When I have large areas to repair - say the size of a small car or larger - I mow them the first 2-3 times with an old Flymo. No tracking and gives everything time to firm up.

It's seldom that I can ask that a field be taken out of service for a month or more unless it is a complete overhaul. In that case step 1 is finding them another field to use if necessary. So the drag mat is a regular part of my process. I feel it help bed seed too. I also agree with your method of dropping more seed in between passes with the topdresser. I will be tearing into one after lunch today that has a game scheduled on it Thirsday afternoon. I hope to get as far as dragging it by end of day Tuesday but it could be the next morning. By then the school's man will be chomping at the bit to mow and paint lines. First varsity game is 9/6 and their schedule has to be my first priority. 9th graders may get the short end of the stick for a game or two.

Meant to include: I am a big believer in PennMulch and other similar products for large repair areas or spots that I need to heal in fast, such as wear area in front of pitcher's mound. Try it if you haven't already. Thinking about the Flymo reminded me of this.
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