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What models are we talking? Kaw krb750 is an excellent blower. Great for an everyday piece. I'd compare it to the br430 (or whatever 400 series it is now.) the br600 does blow much more air. Since Kaw is "getting out of the 2-stroke handheld market", I would expect a good price.

Right now were running an old krb700 and Redmax ebz7050. The old Kaw gets the nod for regular sidewalk & driveway cleanups. The Redmax mostly rides around waiting for the big stuff.

Btw, I've had my Kaw for over a decade. Never needed a carb, carb kit, nothing. Even after sitting for 3 years when I "got out of the game". 2-3 pulls and your blowing.

Now I love my Kaw, but I will say this. God forbid you need parts. There simply isn't a good parts network. Must be 10-15 Stihl dealers for every Kaw 2-stroke dealer. (That said, in my humble experience, you won't need them).
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