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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
That's why there's a pressure regulator on the pump. You don't have to blast everything at max psi.


IDK, haven't had any problems. It is a triplex, so there shouldn't be any issues. The pump is rebuildable, though. And, JD pressure washers are made by Mi-T-M, which are some of the best in the business.

Not exactly sure as it's being stored elsewhere, but, no more than ~2ft.
Thank you for all your quick answers. The 2ft height of the cart is something I can deal with no problem. The only problem is I'd be probably using the machine AT LEAST, the bare minimum, 10h a week. So the premium series might be a problem.

Do you do softwash using chemicals or you just use pressure to wash? Because it seems like low pressure is the key when the chemicals do the work. As of pressure only, I guess you are right, 1500 psi isn't strong enough for bricks, concrete, hardscapes.

It seems like there's two differents way to look at things. I'm not quite sure what direction to take. but hardscapes would be a huge part of my business, just as well as washing house, roofs, gutters, fences, decks, patios. Like I said, just as right now, we have a data base of 1000 residential homes, just for starting. And I will go big doing advertising. Premium series wont cut it. If I go for pressure only, I would need the 2700 psi commercial one I guess. But low pressure with chemicals looks to be the new trend in the industry.

I need to do more research. I will be starting this next year.
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