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Originally Posted by AEL View Post
Are you still focusing on the same type of projects, or expanding into some different areas as well? I would be interested to know how it works with being a half union half non company. I have been pricing some jobs that are union only but under a good friends company, and then sending my 2 employees who are union members to do the job, but I would like to eliminate using his company name and giving him credit for the work.
We have three types of jobs that we work with.
Private, Union wage, and Union people only to include a Project Labor Agreement.

The Private we can pay any wage and hire who ever we want.

The union wage is for public work projects that we can have our employees work the project but they need to be paid union wage and we have to provide proof of that to the owner. If you don't follow rules and get caught you are excluded for so many years of doing any public work projects.

The PLA agreement is were we only can have a very small number of our employees, like one guy and the rest would come out of the union halls depending on the agreement.
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