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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
Curious on the deflector? Is this to help when you don't want to bag?

I've found myself behind and I've run my walker with the door open. Just have to watch out where I shoot the clippings.

If anyone has a pic or link to deflectors I would love to see
I am looking into both the bins and the deflector. I need the bins for when I collect because I dump into a trash barrel with clear bags and it will be easier to dump the bins rather that digging it out with my hands or dumping in the ground first.

For the deflector, it will help deflect the grass down and stop me from shooting against objects. I was cutting yesterday and when I turned I shot at my coworker (did not see him) and he said it hurts. Can you imagine if it is wet and shoots agains the house! I am just wondering how much the deflector folds down for storage. I know that it takes about 30 seconds to put on.

Here is a good image of the deflector.
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