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Originally Posted by JimsLocalLawn View Post
How far do you guys travel for work? I mean if you live in an area that is "low-income" you can't really build a business with "less than desirable" clients.

Just curious if you guys work in one, two, maybe three counties? How many different towns? How far do you travel for "good" work?
Counties? Holy crap. Not as a solo operator!

I don't go more than 10 miles one way. I have two in Monroeville that are my furthest. I thought I'd end up with more out that way, but it hasn't worked out that way, so I'm actually considering dropping them as they are both biweekly an not really worth going so far for.
I dunno where I'd need to go to use a ZTR because you can't use one around here for the most part. Monroeville, or Plum I suppose.

I had thought I'd "grow" and buy a ZTR in order to take on larger properties, but I'm not sure that's the best path for me to take as a solo operator. I have been getting pretty good paying jobs in the city that are easy for one guy to do in 20 minutes that pay the same as jobs in the suburbs that take me 40 minutes to do. (with either a 21" or 36")

Yeah, living in an area that doesn't pay well leaves you with two choices - work harder (lots of low-paying jobs), or drive to an area that pays more.
Fortunately, that drive isn't more than a few miles for me - but it's all "push mower" work in that direction.
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