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Originally Posted by jmacd View Post
I don't do paver's like I have said before, but I do construction, site work every day mostly commercial work.

I been reading this forum quite a lot because one, it is entertaining and two, I enjoy seeing others work.
More of a design build than what we do. We have to follow plans and specs that are given to use and can not deviate from that at all.

I also have noticed that different guys choose to go about doing the work in a very different manner depending on who is posting.

This my thinking on how you become more profitable, increase work and grow your business. This relates to the OP's question. I believe that what ever tools you need to do your work the fastest, most accurately, and the cheapest way are the keys.

I never consider a tool to expensive if it saves on labor, saves on time, and saves on mistakes. I realize that you can over spend but if you have the work to justify the equipment and it increase those three key factors than it should be in your tool box.

Doesn't matter what business it is, you have a start up cost that you need to spend. Some have to buy excavators, and dump trucks, and some just need a EDCO saw.

If you can increase speed, decrease labor, and increase quality, you will increase work load and profits.

The reason I posted this is this, don't go cheap on the basic start up tools, this is the only way to complete with the others that all ready have them.
In relation to this topic, you're missing the point.

Of course a new business will need to buy equipment.

But, again, in terms of the thread, topic at hand, an enclosed trailer is absolutely an unnecessary expense. Unless you live in an apartment or townhome.
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