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Originally Posted by fatboynormmie View Post
Hey Ferris I noticed the stock trailer frame looks like angle. I would have welded in some sq box tubing around the perimeter of the trailer frame to the angle under the box area.The hyd cyl places a lot of stress just as it's starting to pick the box up while it's loaded. Watch for fatigue on the angle as your box is most likely stronger then the trailer frame.

You can also use your trailer's front jack to help stabilize the frame when backing the mower in to dump just make sure you put it up before you drive off.
That was actually discussed while we were building it. I opted for the time being to weigh it and see how much the total package weighs, and then add my supports accordingly. If I have to I will make triangular pieces and weld it to the angle iron of the trailer frame to help strengthen......this will keep the weight down, which I need to think alot about.
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