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2 years with eco boost

Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
well my curiosity got the best of me and had some free time, so i stopped by one of my local ford dealers and drove the number one selling pick up truck in the country, the f150, I test drove a fully loaded super crew, with the 3.5 eco boost and i will say the 365hp it makes with the turbo really makes it scoot along very nicely, the 6spd transmission compliments the power perfectly. the heated and air cooled seats work great on a hot day....and the towing capacity of 11,000lbs makes it possible for it to tow a trailer in a back up situation if my f350 was to break down. i have no doubt this truck could easily tow my lawn trailer which is a dual axle 18' big tex 10pi with my scag cheetah no issues and get the same if not better fuel economy then my 7.3 turbo diesel f350 with a tuner in it, and the f150 is actually comfortable to drive and i don't have to worry about it breaking down like a newer diesel truck, plus empty they supposedly get over 20mpg on the highway. Anyone using this combo for doing estimates or as a personal vehicle? thoughts? the msrp was a little scary at 50,000 but i'm sure the truck could be bought closer to 35,000 with some patience...
Purchased an eco boost xlt crew cab shortly after they they first came out and have over two years and about 45k on her. I have not regretted it once.

Got 180k+ out of f150 with small v-8 but wanted something and when she started nickel and diming me I wanted to replace her with something that got better mileage. And the eco boost has been great on on the mileage.

Live on a farm but most of my driving is highway without tow for my day job. On weekends I tow about a ton on a trailer that weighs about 1500 lb and the ecobost mileage drops down a little.

The truck handles like a dream.

I usually drive defensively, but if someone with a tricked out Chevy or Dodge gets on my bumper, and acts like an idiot, I tap on the gas. Turbo kicks in, picks you up and throws you back against your seat. And the guy who was on my tail is history.

A little buying tip. Call ford and email them and tell them you are in the market and want the brochure with the coupon. They sent me another $750 off after best deal with dealer.
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