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Kiril, even if your argument is correct in the sense that some fertilizers are more harmful than table salt it doesn't change the fact that the purpose behind your whole argument has one glaring flaw. I have never heard of an incident where a child was hospitalized due to ingesting fertilizer not infused with pesticides. I seriously doubt that any child would lay on the grass and search for fertilizer hidden between the blades so that they could lick it. Children have a strong sense of taste so after tasting the first few bits they would spit it out anyway. Any human being with a half decent amount of common sense can deduct this without doing any research, yet you want to nitpick at a comment where somebody said that fertilizer is no more harmful than table salt, which makes sense given that table salt is an every day palatable household commodity that is regularly eaten.

I find it interesting that everybody on this forum including phasthound who specifically works with fertilizers etc. states that they would allow their child to play in a recently fertilized yard yet you are the only one who is trying to make an argument out of this. This is a pattern that happens consistently with your posts and it is pretty clear to me that you are not really concerned with practical advice and application. You are only here to win arguments. I can assure you that as many times you have accused others of being misleading your posts detract more from the conversation than any others. You ruin threads because you enter them without education being your primary objective. This is so obvious given how you talk in a consistently insulting manner calling respectable member "Skippy" and saying things like "come now". I'm calling you out not only for this thread but for multiple threads in which you have engaged. Frankly, we all have better things to do than argue with your spreadsheet based not applicable arguments.
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