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Originally Posted by mowlifebaby View Post
The 2ft height of the cart is something I can deal with no problem. The only problem is I'd be probably using the machine AT LEAST, the bare minimum, 10h a week. So the premium series might be a problem.
As I mentioned, you really need to go to the dealer and see what the differences are. It appears the only difference between the 3000psi models is that the commercial version has a bigger engine. The pumps look to be the same. It's a shame that JD's site doesn't better list the specifications, so one would know for sure.

Originally Posted by mowlifebaby View Post
Do you do softwash using chemicals or you just use pressure to wash? Because it seems like low pressure is the key when the chemicals do the work. As of pressure only, I guess you are right, 1500 psi isn't strong enough for bricks, concrete, hardscapes.
We try and use Mold Armor house wash (spotty availability, around here). It's been the best at removing staining on gutters. If it can get that off, it'll clean whatever is on the siding.

As mentioned, get the full set of spray tips. You get four different spray pattern tips (0, 15, 25, 40 degree patterns), so you can use the one that best fits the job. On siding, you can dial back the pump pressure and use a fan tip to keep from damaging anything. The fifth tip is a soaping tip. When you drop the pickup tube into your cleaner of choice, it'll automatically dilute it down as it comes through the pump. This particular tip produces a low-pressure, soapy output. It works brilliantly. When you're done applying the cleaner, just put your high-pressure tip back on and blast off the soap and grime, without touching the pressure regulator. There's no need to pull the pickup tube, as it'll only siphon with the soaping tip. Again, you want a "power tip", too. I've had good results with the Turbo Tip.

No. 1500psi isn't enough to do anything with. I've done several jobs for contractors. For them, they're usually doing paint or coating work. They want the surface free of all loose material, residue, and grime. High-pressure and the power tip work great for this. 1500psi will be a joke, as it's not enough to get crap off the surface. As before, I use Mold Armor on these jobs.

Originally Posted by mowlifebaby View Post
I need to do more research. I will be starting this next year.
You've got plenty of time to think about it. Also, think about how you're going to market this. Lastly, make sure your employer is onboard with your plans, as it sounds like you're going to be using their customer base as a spring board for your own business.
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