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And the unsubstantiated flaming goes on, which is amusing given your accusations. The only people who are trying to make an argument are people who feel it necessary to continue to respond to, and take issue with, my original simple post to GD.

Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Come now GD. One has to merely pull a couple of MSDS's to demonstrate this is not true.
I expect more from GD because he is more intelligent than that comment. He is also one of the few people I respect on this side of the forum, and quite frankly comments like that are below him IMO.

So once again we find you putting words in my mouth and condemning my posts concerning factual information while at the very same time you go after me on a personal level, and have done so on more than one occasion. Your post contributes to this thread how? How very hypocritical of you ..... again.

I also haven't heard of anyone getting sick from picking up and eating an applied compost, or any of the other plethora of organic type ferts., yet people here are claiming they are more dangerous than synthetic ferts. Does that mean it hasn't happened just because I haven't heard about it? Absolutely not, and the same can be said for synthetic ferts and your "claims". So tell me Vic, what does your common sense tell you about that? How "applicable" is that?
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