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Originally Posted by rootytalbot View Post
1) With taxes and work comp, how much does a 15 dollar/hr man cost per hour?

2) What amount would you add to that cost for administration - per man?
With-holdings, paperwork, and management - how much admin cost would you add for a middle of the road (semi-reliable) man?

3) How do you figure a reasonable amount profit per 15 dollar (adjusted) man?

I just hear, "charge 40 per hour and you'll be fine". But its hard to track the costs and know what I would profit without knowing what it actually costs.

Thanks. I apply what I learn from this site on a daily basis, you guys are great.
Direct labor - We add 17% for our loaded rate

Salaried management - We add 24% for loaded rate (includes health, HSA contribution and retirement)

G&A overhead salary cost - 7.7% of total income

Don't know your costs so cant help with what a "reasonable profit" would be. In general the market wont allow you to get higher then 10% -15% net profit before you start losing business - that is assuming you pay yourself a fair market wage.
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