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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
THeres a lot of threds about some of us having kombis that are real hard too start.
People complain about every brand. The motor on the FS90R and KM90R are the same. The only difference is the sticker. Now which one is hard to start?

Back to your kombi vs individual tool comparison.
The 110 is a much more capable motor than the 90 for the edger. I had an FC85 and it was just barely able to suit my needs. KM110 drives the straight shaft edger attachment as fast as I can walk.

Cons to the kombi. Your setup as quoted only has one powerhead. If you have one worker, that'll work, until you need service, and then you're completely down.

Pros to the kombi. If you change your quote to include two powerheads, you'll have a spare motor for EVERYTHING.
Without the kombi, if your edger needs service, you'd have to make due with the string, etc.
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