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Originally Posted by turn3 View Post
I am a tech and would love to at least demo one. With two full time and one part time tech covering roughly 9.5 million sqft with lawns ranging from 3k-120k in an area with lots of hills dragging hose is getting old after 6 years.
There is about a 3-4 day "learning curve". Initially, it seems like you a going 100 mph and trying to spray and spread. There is a lot going on the machine. After a few days it becomes second nature. Experienced users, can fly over a lawn and do just as good a job or maybe better, with a ride-on sprayer spreader with experience.

The biggest benefit to me was that I had energy after work to do other things. Before the T3000 I was coming home and falling onto the sofa to recover. Pushing a spreader/dragging a hose all summer in the southeast simply drains you. I know that you know exactly what I mean. You have to get one!
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