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Originally Posted by foreplease View Post
Hi Kirk1701. First, those garden pictures look great. Congratulations!

Small point above that seems to have been glossed over in post #47:
You quote Greensoctor telling you to use 1 1/2-2 teaspoons of Malathion, the you came back with 2 TABLESPOONS would be...1 oz per gallon.

1 TBS = 3 tsp. Maybe this is part of the misunderstanding. I did not click on the label or the spray program document.
Good catch foreplease

Which now puts it at .3469 ounces to gallon so for a 4 gallon backpack I can round that off to 1.5 ounces

Second thing I just noticed in the PDF
Peaches: Make up to 3 applications per year – at least 11 days apart. Do not apply within 7 days of harvest.
Hell I'm spraying every 2 weeks

See post 43 that's why I tested the Malathion on one tree end of July and the captan on another tree. I already had suspicions with the captan but I was also questioning whether it was the Malathion also.

WTF else was I overspraying now I'm glad I updated my findings as you guys caught other stuff also

I'll let you know what my contact at U.Kentucky says after I bring this to his attention.

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