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Hey Phil

I agree your site looks great compared to many others, especially if computers are not your thing. Good stuff. Great start.

A few suggestions:

- It's hard to pull off a dark background with lighter text, especially if the text isn't large and a heavier font. It could be worth trying a white or very light grey background with almost black text. Might be a cleaner, more modern look, and easier to read. I like your choice of font.

- I agree that adding an About page, including a photo of you (and maybe your truck) is essential.

- Try to replace your stock photos with high quality images of your actual work. I know these are on your gallery page, but would be great to also see them on your home page.

- There are opportunities to show rather than tell. e.g. "I work with clean equipment while wearing uniformed polo shirts during the summer proudly displaying my company name" is probably better communicated with a photo of you, in your uniform, with your equipment. Say less. Show more.

- I'd ditch the social sharing icons, unless you add a blog later. People might share blog posts but are highly unlikely to share your home page or contact page. If they're on your site but not used, they just become clutter and distracting.

- On your home page and services page, consider rewording so it focuses on what you can do for your customers. e.g. Rather than "I have experience working in the logging industry...", it could be "Clear the mess and safety hazard of your small downed trees..." i.e. Focus on "you" rather than "I". Hope that makes sense.

- If you want people to call you, I'd make your phone number larger and in a dominant colour (compared to the other colours on your page) so it stands out.

- Consider incorporating the photos in your gallery, alongside the relevant services on your Services page. It helps when your photos are in context.

Hope that all makes sense. Yell if you need further explanation.
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