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Originally Posted by foreplease View Post
You are definitely better at this stuff than you were 2 years ago! Still a bit of a trigger finger where the sprayer is concerned but a big improvement my friend. In fact, if you'll look, you'll see you are still my only friend here Really a good looking garden. It's pretty foreign to people in this area to be able to plant a second crop late summer in the same garden space, as you did with turnips.

Your mom is a good cook. Ask her to show you teaspoons and tablespoons
Thanks bud
I've been pulling up the tomato's tonight, getting ready to plant the turnip greens here in the next week or so, only thing left in the garden now is the Okra, waiting on it to start producing

I ate a whole quart jar of salsa tonight by myself
160 quarts we put up between salsa, juice and tomato's for winter.

Yes, she is a good cook but I'm not going to give her an excuse to laugh at me she gets enough of that without my help

God created man, man plants grass, fertilized and watered the grass to watch it grow. Man cut grass and this confused God; in his infinite wisdom where did he go wrong? Why would man work, plant, water and once it grew cut it down just to see the process repeat.

Then God created Women
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