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I've got the homeowner models. Two of the KM55 heads, two polesaws, one extension pole, one string trimmer, one blade attachment for the trimmer, one blower.

Never had any issues.

Granted, I do not use them in a commercial application.

On the other hand I have six (6) acres of lawn, and 44-acres total on my farm. Most of which had not been touched since 1989, and I took possession of my farm in 2010. Overgrown does not quite describe it.

I have been beating on my Kombi tools for three (3) years now, no problems. And I do not believe that even you professional lawncare guys could possibly use the polesaw units as much as I do.

I also own a 290 (brute) and a 192 (ultra-lightweight) handheld Stihl chainsaws. No issues with them either outside of normal maintenance. Hard use weekly, if not daily.
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