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Originally Posted by weaver View Post
Here are some pics of the mowers I have now... It does not hurt a thing.. I have mulched the heck out of some lawns & leaves using them & know quit a few people also that have no problems, but it is no mulch kit.. The first pic of my walkbehind is how I had it the first season until fall then I changed it so I could put the bagger on also if needed without taking the chute off.. I will have those pics of it tomorrow ...
Ok good to know. I guess the company says these aren't meant for mulching just to cover their rears since it's not technically a mulch kit?

Yeah, I'd like to see a close up of how you have these on in order to attach an accelerator catcher. I just can't imagine how it looks because it seems that plate covers the rail over the exmarks discharge area where the accelerators lip or "hook" grabs onto.
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