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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
LR3, what happened to the Kubota? Was just looking at your old thread. I remembered seeing pics in it...
I traded it on the Hustler . Never did buy a FEL , and no use for a rear mower , so it was a rather " one-use-MMM " acquisition . Put 2" wheel spacers on the rears because the wobble was giving me a Mohican-Cut , but it still suffered from the front wheels pivoting in the middle , as tractors do.
After Walter got the X , I became convinced a Z was the way to go too.
BX's have come down $3500 ( run-out ), the Super Z is down $3000 on my 2010 pricelist too . The loss on the trade was offset by the purchase , if I acted now . At the time I was concerned about traction , but after 3 years , that's not a real concern anymore . With turfs on that BX , it still wouldn't go anywhere non-flat without 4x4 engaged . If I reversed up an incline with it , the small front wheels would make deepish furrows with the weight vs traction , so I had to stop doing that or the lawn got ripples . TBH , I'm over small tractors as just mowers .
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