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name change?

so i named my company (2012) based on a few main reasons;
1. i was hoping to eventually offer a wide range of outdoor services including painting, roofing, ponds, piers and boat lifts, decks, plus any landscaping services. personally my interpretation of property management suits the denotation.
2. it is unique and sounds much more professional.
3. a large lawn and landscape company in the area (and one of the best quality companies) uses this denotation and does very well, even though they also have a portion that is managing properties.

the cons of the denotation/possible advantages to a name change would be
1. no more people asking me exactly what i do with managing properties... it got old fast.
2. better search result utilization on the internet.

i feel like if there is a time to do a small name change such as this and not have to think about it anymore now is the time.

lastly i must say that if i do change it i want to retain that unique/professional denotation that incorporates all the services i want to offer.
a few quick ideas might be;
-grounds management (not so much a fan of the grounds, reminds me of a golf course or cemetery)
-outdoor services (no professionalism in services)
-...really just drawing blanks, i guess if i had found something that sounded good already there would be no point to this thread.

so, any input on the denotation change itself? if i should change please give me some suggestions.

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