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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post
no more people asking me exactly what i do with managing properties... it got old fast.

That is the perfect opportunity to begin your sales pitch!
I see nothing wrong with your name. It takes time to build your brand, stick with it, be consistent, do great work, don't underbid, get referrals.
i am obviously iffy on changing anything in the first place because like i said i do like it and feel it states what i do clearly to myself, but after sitting on for a little while the word property is one of the first synonyms for grounds etc. so as far as a perfect opportunity for a sales pitch i completely agree in that aspect since i could go slightly against the grain of the perceived definition of white collar property management, and explain how it is also descriptive to my services.

i currently offer lawn care, small scale landscaping (i do not have a skid steer, but can rent if needed), snow removal services, non certified tree services (i do not accept jobs with risk of damage to property in any form by felling a tree), pier and boat lift services (without a barge), pressure washing services, gutter cleaning etc. i hope to be able to offer simple exterior home services such as painting, roofing, deck installation at some point in time and more.
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