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Stihl KM130 vs KM110

I'm currently using about a 6 year old (not exactly sure, but old) KM110. It still runs all but flawlessly but I was looking at getting a new unit and keeping this one as a back up. Is there anyone who uses the 130 and would say they wouldn't even consider a 110 because of _________.

There are some products that are like you have seen the light after you pick up a new one, and was wondering if there was any spectacular bonus of getting the 130. I haven't found anything that the 110 can't handle, but if there is some glowing imperfection compared to the 130? I can pick one up for $379. I definitely need something new because if my 110 goes down, I am out of a blower, edger, and weedeater, and that just requires A LOT of faith in that one powerhead to make it through the day.
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