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Hey I wanted to update agnostics and everyone that was helping me out and let you know my status. I also had a few quick questions if you guys could help me I would really appreciate it once again!

The sod was paid for today. Note, I mentioned earlier we have a shade tree in the front yard. I cleared the lawn down to bare soil over the weekend when I was speaking with you guys. The shade tree, I pruned it and took out all the lower branches. I got a Friskers pole tree trimmer and got everything to half way up the tree. I then climbed half way up the tree along with the pole and cleared out a lot of limbs and quite a bit of greenery so we could get some sunlight in our yard. I must say it paid off. Note, before the tree cleaning the whole lawn was good and shaded. Now in the morning we have several hours of sunlight hitting one side. Afternoon getting several hours of sunlight on the other side.

Onto the sod. It's paid for as of today, delivery is Saturday morning. We decided to go with Palisades Zoysia. I questioned the heck out of them about the freshness. They ensured they would cut it for me friday evening and deliver first thing Saturday morning. I'm getting it directly from the farm as you directed, however I will still most definitely be inspecting it thoroughly.

Today, I had a truck load of Chocolate Loam delivered. It appears to be filtered and seems to be some clean soil.
I will also be purchasing some Starter Turf Fertilizer 24-24-4 ratio. Does that sound right? I was told I wanted something with a high middle number?

Off to the questions, I have a gallon of some Root Stimulator that I've used for transplanting tree's in the past that seemed to do very well. I was thinking about it today, and thought well building strong roots is exactly what you want, correct? So I did a quick search and found that several people use Root Stimulator with sod. What is you guys input on this? If I use it, should I spray it on the prepared soil with the fertilizer?

Also, where does soil activator come into place? Should I spray before or after sodded, or both? I was thinking about adding the soil activator before I do my final raking and prepping of the soil.

Last question, I know I need to roll or tamp the sod after the initial watering following the laying of the sod. After laying the fertilizer, would you suggest lightly tamping the soil with the fertilizer before laying the sod? I know you want the surface rather smooth right? Or just level and raking?

Thank you very much for both your time and input and we appreciate the great advice. Keep in mind were opening to suggestions so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, there's obviously a reason I'm here asking you guys the questions!
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