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Chevy s10 pulling around 700lbs

Well I'm getting started in the lawn business with more accounts. Got a 99' Chevy s10 with 42k on it and all i need is to install a trailer hitch that can handle more weight. Wanting to know what you guys think about it hauling a 5x8 trailer, 36" toro wb, push mower, 2 trimmers, and 2 blowers. I looked at the weight it can pull and it should handle it. It's a 4.3 v6 auto. Just wondering what you guys thought of this setup? I know should of bought a full size truck to begin with but i just couldn't pass up the deal on the truck i got, i also didn't know i was going to be hauling a lot of weight either. I'm unsure if this is safe or a smart thing to do
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