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Originally Posted by smallstripesnc View Post
Hello everyone,

As we all know aeration season is right around the corner and then it'll be leaf removal season before we know it.

I know that leaf removals can be very profitable and can even yield more profit than regular lawn maintenance. What's some efficient set up options that aren't going to break the bank but still get the job done?

Last year doing leaf removals with a helper was a total disaster. We started by blowing/raking leaves on tarps and tying up the tarps and then making tons of trips to dump the tarps. We could only do one a day. We had two big backpack blowers going. Then we upgraded towards the end of the season and boarded up the bed of my truck and had a billy goat leaf loader. We could maybe do 2 leaf removals a day with this set up mainly because it took us an hour to get the brick wall of leaves out of my bed plus it filled up very fast. Also towards the end of the season the two back pack blowers couldn't move the HUGE piles to get them to the curb and we really needed a walk behind blower to move them faster. Keep in mind we charged $80 per leaf removal if the property was under 1/2 acre. In the Charlotte area it seems there tons of guys who will do them for $40 or so and this is usually the leaves just mulched up in the lawn to look like they were removed and I'm not sure what people charge in the area to actually do a full service leaf removal and suck them up and haul them off.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I work in Charlotte as well. Don't worry about the cheap guys. They are here today and gone tomorrow. In the long run, you'll kill yourself for very little...I'm talking over me. Anyways, I find that if you compete with the cheap become a "cheap guy". Anyone can sell a price. While they are working 7 days to make(they think it's "profit", lol) 1,000 bucks, I prefer to make 2,000...or work 3.5 days to make 1,000. Anyways, it can take years to get...some never do. I hope for your sake, you aren't working more than an hour for that 80 bucks(which isn't profit), with two guys. Not busting your chops, just my two cents(no pun).
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