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You are on the right track. Presumably, the sod you get will be very healthy. The root stimulator and soil activator ides scare me a little. Might be more suitable for someone who has done a lot of this work. It just seems like something that could go terribly wrong at the worst time. Your root stimulator is the fine job of prepping the soil you did along with a hose or sprinklers.

Laying sod is hard, heavy work. Try to get pallets set in different places so you do not have to carry rolls so far. Do not walk I. The raked area where you are about to lay sod. Also, work off of a half sheet of plywood you can easily ,ove along as you work so your just completed rows are not full of knee depressions.

Good thinking on the tree trimming. There is no reason this should not turn out well if you take your time and work carefully. I like to keep a 5 gallon pail half full of my soil mix on the plywood with me. Also a sharp knife and a drywall knife for last minute squaring up the area under the next roll you will be setting in place.
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