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How much fish food should I feed my fish? There's a lot of fish and the tank is kinda big?

Dude this is all site specific.. There are so many things that need to be factored in. If you don't know how or what you're doing to complete site analysis for this kind of situation. Be honest and tell them .. Hey lets get an engineer in and plan this all out.

I did that the other day.. A person cleareed out a huge area in their back yard. The system would need at least 6 more zones to irrigate the area he cleared. Except the area had a large sloap and then the sloap came back up to almost the same elevation to the beginning of the house.. He cleared the area out for the kids.

I said.. If it's for the kids a sloap just sucks.. Why not fill it in and make it as level as naturally grade as possible. Which would require roughly 250-300 yards of soil.. The guy loved the idea.

I said great- get a site design egnineer in and figure it out all for you and I'll come back and install the sprinklers . see you in two months
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