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Originally Posted by M&L View Post
People love going about that the hard way.

First step is to remove the pull chord from the pully.

Wind spring and pulley togeter. (Not tight, just small enough to fit the opening)

Once the pulley and spring are in the housing, rotate it to tighten. Easier than trying to work with a spring under more tension

Once tight, turn the pulley to where the hole for the cord and the hole in the housing line up

Lightly clamp pully in place with some sort of clamp. ( Irwin quick clamps work great. Also, deep Vicegripse will work)

Drink Dr. pepper

Reinsert the pull chord. A new piece of cord makes a lot of sense at this point.

Tie knot once inserted through the housing and pulley. A "just in case" knot wouldn't hurt on the other end.

While pulling cord tight, release the clamp and let the spring slowly wind the cord to the desired length.

Re-apply clamp to free up hands and Install handle on cord.

If applicable,Bend tabs that keep pully in housing. If the housing doesn't have tabs like the "Briggs" do, a long zip tie will work to hold eveything together untill

Remove clamp and Put case back on.

Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes
You do know we are talking about springs in trimmer and backpack blowers...right..???
Sounds like you described a 2 hp briggs sideshaft....????
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