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Originally Posted by Element Property Mgmt View Post
a few quick ideas might be;
-grounds management (not so much a fan of the grounds, reminds me of a golf course or cemetery)
-outdoor services (no professionalism in services)
How is there no professionalism tied to the word "services"? The perception of professionalism starts with the fact that you have taken the time to create a brand, which plants the seed of professionalism and being "above board". It's up to you and your service level to seal the deal. You could wear a suit and tie to power wash a house, but that doesn't make you any more or less professional than if you called your business "Element Outdoor Services" or "Element Professional Outdoor Company". Element Property Services and Element Outdoor Services both offer what you are looking for. To dive deeper than that is only going to cause you to spin yourself in to a hole, mostly because you can't have a denotative name for something that demands connotation.

If you rule out property management, because you feel it is denotative, and the use of services, because you feel it is somehow unprofessional, you're running out of ways to give a name umbrella to the fact that you do mowing and...boat lifts. "Services" is connotative. "Property Management", it could easily be argued, is denotative. You want a connotative name, not denotative. This holds especially true when you lay out your laundry list of offerings.
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