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Originally Posted by TMlawncare View Post
You really might want to demo one first before making judgement. I too thought it would be underpowered. The first day I demoed one I knew I had to have one. The thing is fast and the controls are very similier to our toro prolines. When you turn on the blades you know right off the bat this is unlike any 21." We have had ours for around 2.5 months now and use it daily in all conditions. Wet, dry, tall, limp grass like I said all conditions. We mowed a heavy fertilized lawn that is irrigated. The grass was and easy 8" It was about 4" above the deck skirt. I could mow through it at a good 3-4mph and the cut was flawless. The engine bogged a little but so would my 60" turf tracer going through that. Now I did have the bag on and I am sure that help a lot. That Kawasaki engine is very impressive. Hills are its downfall due to the machines weight. Now of course we still use it on some crazy steep hard to mow areas but it is a workout. Of all the 30" models on the market I think the Exmark is hands down the finest of the bunch for the commercial contractor.
Sorry, but I make my judgment after OWNING! one for 4 1/2 - 5 months now and I can say I truly believe it's underpowered, but in the right conditions it's a bad a$$ mower but if not your SOL with it. And I absolutely hate how fu@king bad the grass builds up under the deck.
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