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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
The last post echoes comments made in other posts, "... 4-6 pairs a year."

I'm curious, what defines failure of a pair of shoes that requires replacement? Of all the comments about "4-6 pairs ...," or similar, nobody says why they needed a replacement. Do the soles wear out? Do the sides split? Do they get dirty? Do they get wet and shrink? Does the dog chew them? Well, j/k about the dog. But, there has to be some good reasons why so many pairs of shoes for one year. As somebody who gets at least one full year of service, I'm just wondering why other shoes are replaced so often.
I have 3 pair of running shoes I've been rotating since last season.
2 are worn smooth on the bottom.
1 pair is no longer comfy due to the insole being worn out.
1 pair is like new.

Usually a new insole pad will extend the life of the shoe.
A decent shoe isn't likely to wear out in a month or three.

I think that if you're buying ten dollar shoes, you get what you pay for.
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