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Originally Posted by PK Mows View Post

Without good SEO, a site is just something floating around the internet. Your domain name should reflect what you do and be key to what people search. Your title page and text must contain searchable words. People don't search for Caleb to have their lawns mowed, they search, "Lawn mowing", "Best lawncare", "Cheap lawn services" etc. They also search locations, like "Mowing company Harrisonburg", "Harrisonburg Lawncare" and so on. Think about how you search for something. If you want a pizza delivered you wouldn't search "George Wilson", you'd search "Pizza delivery 22811" or whatever zip code you may be in.

Make it easy for someone to find you. Make it easy for someone to do business with you. Make it easy for someone to want to be your Customer. People are born with a desire to say yes, but are conditioned to say NO. Make it so saying YES is a happy thing.
Well said.
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