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Originally Posted by WrightCommercial View Post
Cut It Close,

When the deck is at the 3" height what are the blade tip measurements? Are the spindles in the deck completely flat on the bottom or does the shaft stick out a 1/4" on the bottom? What is the serial number, I would like to see the warranty history on the unit and which 19 hp engine is on the unit? Did the tune up include valve adjustments? This was bought used correct, did the previous owner provide any service history on the mower?

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The mower was bought used with no history other than the guy who buys them, then reconditions and sells. The serial # 49407. Engine FH601V 19hp. There doesn't seem to be a shaft sticking out of spindles. They look like there mounted flush to the deck. When lever is a 3" the measurement of blade tip at front is 2.5" This is with 1 spacer on top of blade. Deck Pitch at lowest setting as well as casters. 18 psi on rears. Running stock Wright Blades. Tuneup did not include valve adj.

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