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Darryl, Unfortunately, the older catchers wonÕt take an extender because the door gets in the way. Even the current 2003 removable door catchers need an adapter mounted to the catcher to accept the extender latch and reinforce the top rear of the catcher. I hesitated about releasing pictures of the extender because catchers out on the market right now donÕt have the proper hookup at the rear to take the extender. We can ship an adapter to make it work, but it is not as good as having a unit that was built for the extender. The extenders will become available in different areas at different times depending on current inventories at dealers and distributors. If anyone wants an extender now, they need to call me and I can help them get one. Eventually, the newer models will make their way through the channel and people can just go to their dealer and pick one up.
Just to let you guys know, we didn't purposely set out to make the extenders in such a way that your current catcher would become obsolete. That is not my philosophy of doing business. It just turned out that the catcher needed some modification to make the extender work correctly.

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