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I think they use the Hydro ZT2800 pumps on the hydro units, don't quote me on that tho.

Well anyway just wanted to update this post as I try to track yearly progress on this machine.

It has been holding up, no paint fading, deck is holding up great, has been through some thick and wet grass and leaves a great cut. I hit stumps, rocks, etc with it and the welds have proven to be good quality. Honestly I haven't even had any minor issue's with the machine. The whole season the only thing that failed was a belt, which was my error. I did buy the mulch kit in preparation for leaf clean up. The kawasaki engine seems a bit thirsty and a little too much for this size machine. But I can not complain about cut quality because I used my Honda 21" mower in place of this on a lawn, and boy this mower has me spoiled..... I am used to 1 cut immaculate cut quality. No clumps, no clippings, etc and the Honda with the twin blades didn't deliver nowhere near the quality of cut the Bradley does.

I can't wait till the leaves start to fall to track it's progress with mulching them. So far this mower has never failed me mechanically and has no problems cutting tall, thick, wet lawns. It's also very fast on the sulky, I think top speed is around 8 mph.

I will keep everybody posted. I will also take photo's when the time comes.
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