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Clover is gone. Some crabgrass hanging on but it is ailing. I may have to rely on frost to finish taking it out and make a mental note for next year. I plan to drop 50# of seed in heavy traffic areas as needed during each of two away game slots in the schedule. If it is supposed to rain I may drop it just prior to a home game and let the players cleat it in. Not sure yet.

I do not use pre-emergents very often. It seems like every couple years the chemicals for taking out crabgrass post-emergent get better. Generally, I don't like the idea of root inhibitors on sports turf (baseball - maybe). Also, they tie my hands for seeding repairs such as a driving range tee that drops seed every night, soccer goals that are getting seed spring and fall every couple weeks, etc.

The band practices on the tennis court, then on practice football area and rarely on game field. It is a heck of a band, by the way. One of the perks of working around there is hearing and watching them practice. Band members run the stadium steps as part of their practice!

Field crown is adequate. It is not as high as some but it was graded well and has good surface drainage to several sideline drains. The soil is heavy and black, likely river silt. 50-60 years ago this was a marsh that was filled in. The entire athletic field facilities are on that lower level taking around 20 acres. The football field sits higher (more fill) than anything else down there. I rebuilt their baseball field about 3 years ago. I don't remember if I posted anything about that. While digging a hole to put in a gravel column at the lowest point where water leaves the infield dirt, I hit what appeared to be a car hood at about 16"!
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