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Originally Posted by alexschultz1 View Post
if a 54 is to big you might want to check out a 36" stander. I used to have a 54" ztr and 48" walk behind. I switched to 2 36" standers and I can knock out some lawns now. If your account are smaller than 1/2 acre you cant beat the smaller standers. A 36" stander can cut as much grass as a 48" stander in an open field, but you can fit into smaller gates, around trees, over humps in the ground, and with the 36" you dont scalp nearly as much. I can cut 20-25 lawns in one day with one helper and one 36" stander. Check them out.
That's exactly what I was thinking. I have the 54" ZTR and a Troy-Bilt Wb (my first year) and a Honda pushmower. come to find out the majority of my accounts we end up using the pushmower for the quality cut. I use the ZTR on a few large areas and if we're pushed for time and the WB I use on one property with a gate. So.. I figure I can get rid of them both and do fine with a 48" Stand on. Im kinda leaning heavily twards a Scag V-Ride with the velocity deck and just have that and a pushmower. Thoughts?
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