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Someone made the point about mulching high wet grass. I have not found any mowers that will mulch high wet grass well. Even mowers with high horse powers did not mulch high wet grass well. That was one of the reasons we did not buy the 26 inch mower, because you could not discharge. When the grass is real high and wet we discharge the first time and raise the deck and mulch on the second round. It works well. In some cases we side discharge over it twice going in a different direction, the second round at a higher setting. The 30's spread it nice on the discharge. In lasts resorts we bag. We try and stay away from bagging. We did have two properties that dropped a good amount of leaves, more then the last time I came on here and it mulched the leaves really well. So far I've been impressed at how well the 30's mulch leaves. I have not had it on huge amounts of leaves yet, but the other day the leaves were higher then moderate and it did well. I will keep people informed with honest facts on this machine as the year goes on.
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