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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
Heres a quick break down of expenses per day.

Truck .80$ per mile x 50 miles = 40$

Mower 8$ per hour x 5 hours = 40$

Handheld and misc = 10$

So basically on a 300$ day expenses are around 1/3.

That's 100$ so I would net 200$ for the day.

Taxes will kill off at least 1/3 of that so in my pocket a 300 $ day is actually around 150$ in real income.

If you don't know your expenses its possible your working for literally nothing.
Makes sense to see the numbers.
It seems you drive quite a bit more than I do, and if the operating cost on a mower is that high, Its probably a Z, or a larger walk behind. Or a 300$ craftsman that's trash after 65 hours hahaha (not to say you use one, just to stress the point of buying a cheap item plus repairs plus the cost of a commercial replacement item is always more than just the price of the commercial one.). But for the bigger yards, that's what it takes. My fleet(mainly Snapper's and Tru-cut's), though cheaper to operate, would do no good back east.
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