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Originally Posted by M&L View Post
Makes sense to see the numbers.
It seems you drive quite a bit more than I do, and if the operating cost on a mower is that high, Its probably a Z, or a larger walk behind. Or a 300$ craftsman that's trash after 65 hours hahaha (not to say you use one, just to stress the point of buying a cheap item plus repairs plus the cost of a commercial replacement item is always more than just the price of the commercial one.). But for the bigger yards, that's what it takes. My fleet(mainly Snapper's and Tru-cut's), though cheaper to operate, would do no good back east.
Is really suprising how many Lawn fellers have no idea of what their overhead really is.

My mower expense breaks down like this, and is baised on 1000 hours.

4$ per hour in purchase/replacement cost.
2$per hour in fuel
2$ per hour parts and maintance

Im running a Bop 44 duelly that I paid 4k for, and a 48' Toro Grandstand that I paid 4500$ with 80 hours on it.
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