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Originally Posted by chip25521 View Post
I usually just use oem high lift blades. I have tried aftermarket that were high lift but just weren't quite as high and I've also tried the gator blades. I just don't understand why people love them so much. Thy don't even come close to the oem high lifts in my opinion. I like he concept of the mulch in demand deck but I constantly have to clean grass off the top of the deck also. All I mainly use the mulch on demand for is pretty much a ocdc.
Well then, remove those two baffle plates I mentioned in between blades at the rear. One bolt is all there is to remove to take them out. It makes a large difference in QOC, and discharge on my deck, and I get less buildup underneath too (though to be honest, I don't really get that much under it even when mowing right after a long rain as set up by the factory, but then again, mine is a 60").

I get a lot less buildup on top the deck or on me with those baffles removed. When I switch to the OEM wavy blades for fall, it almost totally eliminates the buildup on top of the deck, and they do a much better job mulching leaves and grass than the high lifts do, but still leave a good cut.
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