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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
I've gotten to where I don't NEED to accept work and to where I'm being much more "choosy" about what jobs I will take on.

I've turned down a LOT of work this season for one reason or another. Too big, too small, too crappy, whatever.
I've gotten rid of several biweekly cuts and moved some of them to weekly cuts. Things are shaping up.
I bid what I want for the job. Sometimes I get it and sometimes they decline. Fine by me.

My schedule is nearly full, but I still go and look - it could be a better paying job that can replace a not-so-good-paying job.
This is where my question comes into play.

I know that there are people much, much more "choosy" than me and many wouldn't even dream of taking a job that could not be cut without a ZTR. So how do you do it? How do you turn them down?

This may vary by location, but around here there are hills on nearly every property and many areas are NOT well suited for mowing with a ZTR, but those properties obviously still need to be mowed and those people are going to be calling. THEY don't know that you "won't drop your gate for less that $65", and THEY don't know that you are only willing to mow lawns with a 60" ZTR, so they call...

How do you handle all of these calls from people you are either unable to help, or unwilling to?
We tell them we are 8 weeks out from starting. This way your politely turning down their business and keeping an image that your services are high in demand. If they want to wait eight weeks then I find a way to accommodate them but 99% say no. Then I refer them to my buddies.
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