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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
I'm in the same boat. As a one man show, I only have limited time. I think if I have to upgrade trucks, I may get a 450 or 550 and get a bigger trailer. I had my trailer derated at the factory to stay under CDL. Sounds silly but it saved me a lot of time and hassle but if I want to grow to where I can take on bigger work, then I will need bigger equipment. A mini x with 14k breakout would open a lot of doors in the rock moving department. As for stumps, I rather grind them down and haven't come across much that's too big for my 335. It's the rocks and being able to dig and carry and place. That's where a bigger machine would shine but by the time I add up everything, I better have a lot of work to support that since I'd need to update trucks, trailers, and complimentary tools like my dump trailer. Wouldn't make much sense to have a CDL and bigger truck and only have a 14k dump trailer. I'm not worried about testing. I have a college degree. My issue is I don't have anyone close to me with a class A to go with. My trucker only has a Class B so I'm not sure what to do about that part plus nothing I own would allow me to take the test.

Right now, I'm attachment poor but if I got into a bigger excavator with better hydraulic performance, I might get several attachments for it and get out of the skid steer more often.

I think a 6 ton machine would open some doors on road work that's been typically reserved for the backhoe or small dozer in this area. I have done difficult work with my little Bobcat 335 and can imagine doubling my productivity with a bigger machine.

Every operation has its own limitations and issues. So there is no cookie cutter solutions that applies 100% to every business model (disclaimer). I gradually increased the size of my equipment. I stepped up to the TB153 in 03, picked up a bigger tag trailer in 05 and bought the 5500 (used a large gooseneck I already had in the mean time). Gradually increased my trucking capacity as I could. I think for the most part the changes can be incremental. Like I said earlier the impact that stepping up to the 6 ton machine made in my business was nothing short of crazy good. It made funding the upsizing much easier. As a result, I do spend less time in a skid steer or maybe now I have the ability to select the right tool for the job.

All you need is to rent or borrow a truck and find, beg or borrow a trailer with a gvw of 10,001 and do the test.

Its a really a good time to be in the market for a new mini ex. The number of models is exhausting to research, that never used to be the case. The options and capabilities of these new machines can really help with the ROI. I paid mid 60's for my TB153. When I consider how much the machine makes and how often its used, its a bargin. The OEMs really have their work cut out for them. They have to meet Tier 4 final, and still keep up with the Jones in respect to the options that they offer and do it at a price that makes them competitive.
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