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In the 7+ years as a head foreman for a 20 person+ company who maintained multiple condo developments, we never traveled even close to 45 minutes to get to a general maintenance account. Condos are a pain in the ass and as a solo operator you will undoubtedly have to make return trips morning and night especially in the winter. Condo associations of any size have no loyalty, many are older people, who complain why their driveway is not clear after the last snowflake has fallen or why a full clean-up is not done when leaf season is not even half over. Then they complain that the back pack blowers make too much noise. Condos are best left to large companies that have the equipment and employee numbers to blast through in a short amount of time and "kill time" when employees need their hours.

I now have my own PT business and a FT job like you. I want to do this FT for myself and at some point may have to make the jump or take a risk. I guarantee you one thing if that happens it will not have anything to do with condominiums, or any 1 or 2 unit account 45 minutes from where I am. I too want to quadruple my accounts but that is easier said than done no matter how much desire you have.
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