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Trailer Tires For Triaxle Trailer

I'm looking for trailer tires for my triaxle trailer. Is it is a single wheel not a dual wheel set up. The tires I have on the trailer right now are goodyear LT235 85 R16 Load range G. These tires cost a couple bucks, so I started shopping around. I came across Gladiator QR35-TR tires. They are half the cost does it mean they are 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or as good as the good years? Also I am looking at load range g there is not much selection. If you go to load range F there are more tires to choose from and the weight capacity is 3960 per tire while the load range G tires are 3760. Why is F higer capacity then G or is there another factor involved other than weight. What does everyone else use for tires on their bobcat, cat, deere... trailer?
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