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Originally Posted by ksss View Post
Every operation has its own limitations and issues. So there is no cookie cutter solutions that applies 100% to every business model (disclaimer). I gradually increased the size of my equipment. I stepped up to the TB153 in 03, picked up a bigger tag trailer in 05 and bought the 5500 (used a large gooseneck I already had in the mean time). Gradually increased my trucking capacity as I could. I think for the most part the changes can be incremental. Like I said earlier the impact that stepping up to the 6 ton machine made in my business was nothing short of crazy good. It made funding the upsizing much easier. As a result, I do spend less time in a skid steer or maybe now I have the ability to select the right tool for the job.

All you need is to rent or borrow a truck and find, beg or borrow a trailer with a gvw of 10,001 and do the test.

Its a really a good time to be in the market for a new mini ex. The number of models is exhausting to research, that never used to be the case. The options and capabilities of these new machines can really help with the ROI. I paid mid 60's for my TB153. When I consider how much the machine makes and how often its used, its a bargin. The OEMs really have their work cut out for them. They have to meet Tier 4 final, and still keep up with the Jones in respect to the options that they offer and do it at a price that makes them competitive.
ALL true. I'm not getting any younger, either. I don't want to be 50 and just clearing cedar trees though I enjoy mulching brush piles. I'm weird. I don't like clearing land. I like to clean it up.. improve it but I'm not into landscaping too much but so far I've used the 335 to take down a large metal building after a fire, build a boulder retaining wall in a live creek, crush metal to haul for recycling, and load and move large, dead trees in tight spots and dig large holes to plant trees the last three seasons. I've also buried my share of the neighbor's horses (non profit horse farm that does wounded warrior therapy). Having a longer reach and the power to dig through difficult ground like caliche would be a plus.

A larger excavator would be ideal for that work since those trees are so heavy and dangerous and I could do more demolition rip through the hard-pack. Having a more stable platform would be nice, too. The 335 I use is very tippy even with conventional tail not to mention the hydraulics are not smooth like my Bobcat skid.

I can think of a lot of jobs I could do with a stronger excavator. No doubt it would pay for itself.

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