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I don't need another pickup. I've got two already. I just use that little yoyo for my highway commute to my real job. So my budget is whatever I can sell that car for. The only thing is, is that that little putput gets 36mpg. I just look really gay in it. Can't beat the mileage tho. I've used my wife's little Rav 4 but it doesn't like the boat trailer going up any kind of hill. I'd like to have a little car that can handle a 3000lb boat and still get good mileage, hold 4 adults for fishing trips and still be economical to run 60 miles per day.... I guess that's impossible. So I think I've decided to keep my gay little putput, use the cummins quad cab for my fishing trips and use the Heavy Chevy for work.....I'm hard to please. I like that Colorado. Sharp looking little truck, but the mileage isn't all that great and I've read a lot of bad things about them. Too bad, Chevy mighta had something with that truck but it sounds like they crapped the bed on it's design.
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